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Newborn Photoshoot at Home in Maidenhead



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I have a strong feeling this won’t be the last time I see this beautiful family for a newborn photoshoot. Upon receiving their stunning and natural gallery of family photos, the words “You are incredible, thank you so much these are unbelievablewere uttered.

Over the many years, I’ve taken newborn photos in clients homes. I’ve learnt a lot about what means the most to parents. I see it as my job and talent to create a full body of images that reflect the beauty and new family connections of these often hazy days.

Yes, it’s lovely to have a photo of baby on their own, and I will do this. However, I understand that to tell your story authentically you need more.

Hands tell your story, the little touches, the fingers, the strokes and embraces. These are what turn your photographs into memories and what makes you feel something when you look at them. Which you will do, time and time again.

When siblings are involved I watch how the dynamic is already developing, allow them space (in the good light!) to hold and interact how they want to naturally. I use little games and prompts I’ve honed over many previous sessions to involve them. Most importantly I create a positive and safe space. The prep guide I give to parents comes from a place of experience. It is specifically made to create the magic you find in ‘and then she clicked’ sessions.

This family is a perfect example of the above all coming together. Here are some of my faves from this newborn photoshoot session.

family laughing with new baby toddler and newborn photoshoot newborn feet detail boy boy jumping on bed pink wall lifetyle stylish newborn photographer documentary lifestyle photographer bracknell dad kissing so on head with newborn sister documentary lifestyle photographer bracknell toddler and newborn photoshoot newborn feet detail
boy and mother and daughter together brother and sister baby kissing newborn baby sucking mums nose newborn with eucalyptus connection family hug on newborn photoshoot mother and baby mother and baby tattood dad with newborn dad kissing boho newborn

If you’re inspired by these beautiful moments, simply head to my contact page to enquire about creating some magical moments of your own.

29 July 2019

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Family & Newborn photographer, mum of 3, wife of  1, tea obsessed, eneagram 8

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