Hi, I'm Lisa

Welcome to my cosy corner of the net. Grab a cuppa and nosey through my thoughts on life, style and parenting, the places I visit, general musings and find out how life clicks for me.

Mama to 3, wife to 1, photographer & content creator based in Berkshire UK.


I’m probably having a cuppa, or in the middle of a            somewhere… 

I’m the friend that listens and doesn’t sugarcoat. The mama that mixes playdoh and thinks it’s beautiful, when others don’t.

I’m the wife that prefers to receive flowers that cost 99p and is forever wishing she lived closer to the sea.

I bite my nails. I go to bed late. I work hard and over procrastinate. I’m permanently positive, and sorry ahead of time, my lips tend to spill spades full of sunshine.

I’m dry humoured empath, with a big imagination. A soul who seeks light in all situations.



Yorkshire Tea drinker

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Rushing into things

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Dr Martens & Hats

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Speak up and encourage

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Being fiercly loyal & positive

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Talking about the weather 

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The time I was an elf

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My family of  5

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If you're into behind the scenes photography shenanigans, mum stuff, local stuff,  things I find funny + probably way too many videos of my puppy? You've come to the right place. 

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