Your Family Matters more than anything

It's time to do that thing you've always wanted to do 

It's time to do that thing you've always wanted to do

So lets begin 

Photoshoot Pricing

Start imagining
it here


Decide who's coming?

Is it one parent with the children? Two parents with the children? Are the grandparents coming along? Maybe your fur baby too? 


Select your session

Family and Newborn photoshoots are called Chapter Sessions and have three variations.
Standard, Lite and Extended. 
All dependant on how many and who is coming to the photoshoot.

Seasonal Mini Sessions are priced seperately from this and also detailed below.


Outdoor or in?

Is it a photoshoot at your home? An outdoor photoshoot in Bracknell at one of my tried and tested locations? Maybe you'd like me to visit you further afield, or even opt for an indoor/outdoor session?

Remember this is onlyone part of your family story...

Many families change their locations, seasons and who is included in their session each time they book in. I've watched babies turn into teenagers through my lens and been there through the different chapters of their life.

 What you invest in today is not static and likely wont be the only time we'll meet.

Get Ready to create some core memories

All Chapter sessions include:

Personalised styling support and Outfit Planning

A Detailed preparation and STyle guide 

Pre session 'get to know you' questionNaire and communication 


The best LIGHT & locations scouted & planned either inside or out

A One to THree Hour photoshoot  Bespoke to you  

Expert photography & editING in my signature style 

select the Base Session that works for you:

Chapter Session

Everything a base Chapter Session includes for up to 6 family members

5 digital images included within your base package.

The option to upgrade before or after your photoshoot.

The option to upgrade before or after your photoshoot.

5 digital images included within your base package.



Chapter Session 


Everything a base Chapter session includes for one parent with up to 3 children, Maternity or up to 4 siblings alone.

(For larger sessions click here)

(For mini sessions click here)

Popular  upgrade

Collection . 03


Full digital download of your entire gallery  
Six 12 by 8" professional archive gallery wall prints
  Six matching 6 by 4" Professional Archive Prints
(perfect for gifting)

Full digital download of your entire gallery 
Six 6 by 4"' Professional Archive Prints
(perfect for gifting)
One 20 by 16″ Professional Archive Print
One 16 by 12″ Professional Archive Print
One 12 by 8″ Professional Archive Print
Two 6 by 4″ Professional Archive Prints
Complimentary montage design planning*

*Complimentary Wall Montage Design Planning

I’ll virtually suggest arrangement options using your preferred images, visually mock up how they’ll look in your space and help ensure the arrangement is balanced and fitting for the area it’s intended for.

I’ll also provide you with online links for the suggested framing options from popular high-street stores.

Basically like having a friend over ‘virtually’ to help you make decisions on your wall art. Gallery wall designing is optional, you are of course welcome to simply do as you please with the prints if you wish to.

Full digital download of your entrie gallerry

Collection . 01

Collection . 04

5 additional digital images to download

Collection . 02

Below you'll find the optional upgrade collections that you can add on top of your base session. This can be done either before or after your photoshoot.

If you want this to be the year that you finally :

Invested in something the kids can keep

Got your gifts sorted for *in advance* for the grandparents, husband, wife, best friend. 

Became present in your family photographs and came out from behind your camera/phone 

Decorated your home with some decent family photography (instead of random Etsy Prints)

Stopped your own insecurities getting in the way of documenting the connection you have with your children

Figured out how to press pause on life

Then let's get started →

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kind words

“ I’m naturally quite picky with photographers and I was really impressed. ”

You are never going to regret booking Lisa, she’s fantastic and so good at what she does. Extremely professional with so much energy. My husband was being completely himself during the session, so rare and unheard of!”

- Priya.

kind words

“Lisa has this ability to make you feel like you are just having fun with a friend, she's one of life's truly amazing people! 

I first met her when she took my daughter's newborn photos 5 years ago, we are now booked into our 6th shoot! We have some truly magical photos. She is amazing with children of all ages, including grumpy husband's who refuse to pose! We have her images in every room of our house, and every time I look at them they just make my heart so happy

- AMy Foston

This is your real Life family love story, your heart in a Frame

This Is your Real Life

A soul soaked legacy you’ll give to your children. It’s irreplaceable, unique to your family and the closest you’ll come to pressing pause on life.


love story 

Your heart in a frame

Drop me a message via my contact page and get right to the heart of my inbox.

You'll get a warm welcome, find out my availability and we can have a natter.

Decide your date and book in via the client portal.

Your preparation guide will wing its way over to you and we'll start styling and planning your session.

Shoot day! You'll be relaxed and excited, ready to create some wall worthy memories together.

I'll lovingly hand edit each photograph in my signature style. Ready for you in 3 to 5 weeks.

Lets do this

 (For Chapter sessions a part payment of £100 is made. This goes towards your session and is required to secure your booking. The remainder is due before your photoshoot)

You'll view your gallery, cry happy tears and we'll get these photographs up on your wall at home where they belong.

Lets do this


Number of years as a family photographer


Amount of clients that pre-booked last year for this year.


How many families I've created core memories for.

Guess-timate of how many smiles the pictures will provide you. 

500 +


How many photos does a gallery have?

Just as your family is unique, so is each photoshoot. In general for a family of 4 you can usually expect a gallery of at least 25 beautiful colour photographs usually more. If it suits the image, there will also be a black and white version of your photograph too. 

However your decision should not be based on quantity. What you'll receive from me is a carefully curated quality gallery full of wall worthy and storytelling images personal to your family.  

Do you do an all inclusive price that includes all the digital images?

Sure! The 'all inclusive' price would be your base session package plus either upgrade collection 2, 3, or 4.  For example a standard Chapter Session plus all the digitals would be:
 £375(base session) + £275(collection 2 ) = £650

A lot of clients, especially my regulars, choose to pre-purchase their upgrade collection prior to their session. This can be easily done during the booking process.  Read more about collection upgrades here.

If you are opting for an extended family session, the pricing is already all inclusive. Read more about extended family shoots here.  

What payment options are there?

During the booking process you can select from an array of spread the payment options that fit your family. I accept bank transfer, credit or debit cards. To secure any chapter session an initial part payment of £100 is required.

What happens if it rains or my child is born late or is very poorly?

Sometimes life or the weather happens. Safe to say this isn't my first rodeo, I am also a great weather watcher too! I won't photograph in heavy or persistent rain or if your children are very ill. You simply wouldn't have a very nice gallery if i did! So it is not in my interest to do this.

All of this is covered in your preparation guide, and terms and conditions detailed during your booking in. I will work with you to find a new date if it is absolutely necessary to do so, I keep some wiggle room aside each month.  (I'd be mad not to!)

When should I book?

As soon as you know you'd like some photographs, lets start chatting. The sooner you book the longer we have to plan and also you can spread your session payments into small amounts if you need to.

Some families are super planners and some are spontaneous. If you  *have* to have a weekend date you'll  usually need to book well in advance as they get booked up very quickly. There are only so many weeks in the year and only one of me!

As an example by December last year there were 42 families already booked in for the next year. This saying, I often open up new additional availability for outdoor sessions if the weather has been particularly good and I do also photograph midweek.

I'm ready to chat →

I'm ready to book →

How many photos does a gallery have?

Family Chapter sessions and Family Chapter lite* sessions work on BASE PACKAGE basis.  This ensures you have 5 full resolution digital photographs included along with the session itself and all of the other support I provide.

Motherhood mini and Motherhood lounge sessions also work on a BASE PACKAGE basis. Although smaller than a Chapter session they still ensure you have one full resolution digital photograph and a matching print included with the session itself and all of the other support.

Before or after any of these sessions you have the flexibility to upgrade to include more images via the upgrade collections

What is a 'base package' ?

Where are your outdoor photoshoot locations?

I know some fantastic beauty spots in the beautiful Bracknell Forest area. These locations have been specifically scouted, tried and tested by me to offer the perfect backdrop and minimum distractions for the ideal portrait session. In general I follow the seasonal interest and what's in bloom and will let you know where is best along with all the directions after your session is booked in.

I've chosen an 'at home' shoot, is my house ok to photograph in?

If it has windows, most likely! I travel lightly with just my camera in hand and a few blankets and accessories. There wont be any back drops to set up or lighting rigs to worry about, everything is shot with natural light. Sometimes this means us shooting in unconventional areas of your home as that's where the best light is - in general it is a bedroom or lounge. Whichever room we find ourselves in  I'll be there to subtly style and create art with the angles. It's all very fluid and we'll move around depending on wheres best at that time for what we are aiming to capture. Having shot in 10 bedroom mansions and one bedroom flats, I can assure you that I can create magic anywhere. Some clients love to show off their home decor and others are not so fussed, either way is ok.

success stories

Lizzie Longed for some special photographs 

"You can't put a price on experience. For years I've wanted some photos to...

... capture Livvy and me, to treasure forever. Whenever I asked my husband to take a photo it just did'nt work. So last year i decided to invest in a professional. Lisa, there are no words required. You can't put a price on experience. Thank you.

real reviews

Elaine was looking for a relaxed newborn session

"No words. I'm crying happy tears, i cant stop looking at them...

...They are beyond beautiful Lisa. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

Alina loves to capture the essence of her childrens personalities and their relationship

"You always pray your photos will come out as well as the ones the photographer posts on their website and social.

With Lisa that's guaranteed, and that's why we'll be back again to capture the seasons of childhood as they come rolling towards us at speed"

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worries you might be facing:

My kids wont behave

In short, I don't want them to. The pace of the session will be around their personalities, we'll be playing games, chatting and they'll get to be themselves.  I have three children of my own. Have photographed 100's of kids and a lot of those with additional needs, or super shy or super loud. Bring me your quiet and your wild, i'll do the rest.

I'm not feeling my best

These photographs are not *just* about you. They are for your family and I can guarantee your kids wont care if you havn't grown your hair yet or lost a few pounds. In decades from now you'll be thankful we met and that the 'younger' you invested in something that matters so much to your family.

My family isn't complete yet

Each chapter of your life matters as much as the next. This is an investment in your present. Plans change, life throws curve balls but the investment in these photos will last through it all.

“My heart is so full. I love them so much, and i don't hate myself in any of them which is amazing.   ”

— Carmelle, Extended Family Photoshoot Bracknell

Real Life

See some  sessions 

Families just like you, who have invested in their legacy

Show me →

Whether you are just getting started with your newborn, or the kids are almost eye level to you. I’ve got your back.

— Love Lisa x

fancy having an Extended family Photoshoot? 

Multi generation family photoshoots are very special.  With the added benefit of having the whole family there as part of the story. 

Previous clients have gathered at one of their family homes, or arranged a lovely walk at one of my recommended locations. Everything is very relaxed, planned and tailored.

The package below is easily shared out across siblings for a gifting to 'the grandparents'  or given a gift for your own grown up children.


 Chapter Session

Everything a base Chapter session usually includes for up to 14 family members

Full digital download of your entire gallery 

£745 -  all inclusive

Six 12 by 8" professional archive gallery wall prints to keep or share

The option to purchase further print collections and products in the gallery shop.

I'm ready to chat →

Lets do this

I'm ready to chat →

I'm ready to chat →

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Looking for something a little smaller? 

On limited specific dates throughout the year I provide shorter 30 minute seasonal sessions both indoors an outside. You can read more detail about if Motherhood mini's and Lounge sessions are right for you here.

These are great for:
  • Updating your photographs in-between your Chapter sessions, 
  • Sitter sessions, for baby's between 7-11 months. (great for first birthday photoshoots!)
  • Motherhood/Parenthood sessions
  • Shorter maternity sessions
  • As a gift or to treat yourself!


 Mini  Sessions

A detailed preparation guide and styling support.

One digital image of your choice to download from your gallery


One 10 by 8" or A4 archive print of your choice

The option to upgrade or purchase upgrades and print collections in the gallery shop.

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tea OBSESSED, ENNEAGRAM 8. CHRONIC Dreamer, sunset loveR and recorder of memories 

Hi, I'm Lisa photography is my love language

I'm a mother of 3, and when i'm not taking photos I can usually be found on a dog walk,  a school run or decorating something - always with a cup of tea in hand.

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