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If you were not already aware… my ‘office’ is a few feet from the base of my bed. Living in a new build in the heart of town, space is premium and every inch has to be used to the max.

Last year, my old office over the stairs turned into our eldest son’s ‘cabin style’ room. I call it a cabin to make myself feel peace from all the people that call it a glorified cupboard. Anyhow, I digress… why am I telling you all this?

Well,  as 70% of my job involves sitting on my backside alone, I need things that can transport me somewhere else as opposed to listening to the washing pile talking to me from across the room (those piles do talk right?)

I listen to lots of different things… but as a prolific multi tasker I also like to make the most of what’s going into my ears whilst simultaneously using my hands and eyes to edit.   So here it is, a list of my favourite binge worthy podcasts or fidget spinners for the brain as I like to call them.


Shoot edit chat repeat

Listen if: You love nodding randomly and laughing out loud whilst your head phones are on! Vicki and Eddie are incredibly personable, the format is chatty and upbeat. They cover a wide range of subjects that are helpful to any small business. The banter is hilarious, warm whilst still informative and insightful. This is one I look forward listening to every week.


Bokeh – The photo podcast

Listen if: You want marketing insight into the photography industry, peppered with photography related business advice. I find Nathan’s american accent calm and really easy listening which is very important on podcasts! It has very frequent episodes and is fast becoming one of my first stops when I sit down at my desk.


The Family Photographer

Listen if: You want to relax and get lost in inspiring conversations and hear some amazing guests speak. Although this is photography focused, I speaks more to my interest in mental health and the reasons why we do what we do. Proper soul filling, relaxed, loveliness.


Goal Digger Podcast

Listen if: You need a good kick up the ass with your business. Jenna Kutcher is a power house business women, she shares her practical advice on social media, business and personal growth.  Her voice is incredibly uplifting and empowering. I love her upbeat tone and I always feel pumped after listening to her.


Exposure Ninja

Listen if: You’d love a regular dose of up beat, relevant and topical conversations focused on digital marketing. Tim  and his team are hugely passionate and knowledgable, I find myself regularly scribbling on my note pad when listening to them. A really practical podcast with its finger firmly on the pulse. 


Have you heard George’s podcast?

Listen if: You want to be transported somewhere else, this is a musical fusion of insightful real life observations and deep musings unqiuely mixing in current affairs with poetry.  I love how he cuts straight through all the bullshit that you usually hear from rappers and calls them out on using their talents for ‘good’. He touches of some hard hitting topics and takes you on a journey that keeps you wanting more.  This is definitely generation defining talent all coming from an inner city boy who happened to study  at Cambridge. You’ll be hooked!


If I fall in love with any others I’ll be sure to add them here! Similarly if you have any podcasts you can recommend (to stop me listening to my washing pile) let me know here or via Instagram


10 October 2019

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Family & Newborn photographer, mum of 3, wife of  1, tea obsessed, eneagram 8

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