music concert for children

Concertini – a bitesized live music show for kids



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music concert for children


With all the pressures to be doing certain activities with Children, taking them to impressive places or buying the latest video game, toys or fashion item. It can make you feel a little anxious about what to choose and when to find the time to do it!

Personally, love it when an activity can tick multiple boxes and that’s exactly what Concertini does. If you hadn’t already heard of them, Concertini provide family-friendly live music concerts for children around the Thames Valley area. They invited us along to one of their themed concerts recently in exchange for an honest review.


music concert for children

So here are the multiple mummy checkboxes that Concertini tick…

Who doesn’t have dreams of their child falling in love with music and learning to play so they can; impress the grandparents and become rich and famous and pay for your retirement?

The benefits of learning a musical instrument are endless. It teaches patience, comprehension, coordination, increases memory capacity, helps with maths skills, promotes self-expression and boost self esteem.

(see above!) Concertini always play well-known hits and classics so it’s also enjoyable for the parents too.  For the kids it’s like a cultural history lesson with a twist, and a lot better than you force feeding them your old CD collection.

Well organised
They didn’t win a peoples choice award for just anything… The concert was perfectly subscribed with the option of chairs or floor, they even had bean bags at the front for family’s to sit on and be right in the thick of the action. The venues used are accessible and well thought out and the ticket system is super easy to use.

I certainly want as many authentically happy times to remember with my children as possible. All three of my children were captivated by the performers for a full 45 minutes. It was relaxed, more than enjoyable and I didn’t have to say SHHH or sit down to the kids once.

We left wanting more and followed with my playing the songs from the performance to the children on the way home! I’m thoroughly hooked and can’t wait for their Christmas concerts, I’m sure they’ll be magical.


We attended the SPOOKY SINGALONG  on Halloween in October half term where West End singer Mairi Cowieson and CBBC Singer Songwriter Rob Castell performed family-friendly highlights from The Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Little Shop of Horrors.

Good to note…

  • Shows regularly sell out so book in advance!
  • For the bean bag seats at the front, arrive early – we missed out on these on this occasion.
  • Dress the kids up and get them in the mood


Website and booking –


music concert for children

music concert for children

14 November 2019

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