photoshoot girl in daisies

Daisy field photo shoot outdoors after a storm



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Let us get straight into this. Karen drove through a storm to get to our location and sat in her car for 30minutes as we waited for a huge weather front to pass. It was 820pm in the height of summer when we eventually started our outdoor photoshoot in the beautiful daisy field near Bracknell.

Often I can’t help the poetry that pops into my head as I edit photos, so here’s one from daughter to mother…

Take me to the daisies, let me feel the earth beneath.
Strip back the expectations, let me muddy my tiny feet.
I want to watch you dancing, to hush the do’s and dont’s.
To prance and sing and let the memories ring ‘the day we ditched our coats’

Though the sun may not be burning, you’re the sunshine in my eyes.
And I there’s nothing more beautiful

watch my Mum unwind.
I’m so grateful for these days we do, when it’s just you and I,
Tiptoeing through the flower fields underneath a stormy sky.


than to

” Lisa you are an exceptional photographer. You are always optimistic, energetic and have such a warm and happy presence that instantly puts people at ease. The second shoot for our family and definitely not the last! “
Karen King

photoshoot girl in daisies photoshoot girl in daisiesphotoshoot girl in daisies

The daisy fields are in bloom during the month of June for outdoor photo shoots, after which summer meadows, grasses and heathers all bloom around the Bracknell forest, a great location for an outdoor studio. Contact me for more details to book yours in today.

26 June 2020

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Family & Newborn photographer, mum of 3, wife of  1, tea obsessed, eneagram 8

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