Outdoor family sunset photo shoot

Family Photo shoot – Forest heathers



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I often get booked to photograph other photographers which is an honour. However, no matter how long I have been photographing families it still makes my heart rate go a little faster!
First and foremost I have to remind myself to stay focused and not to natter too much. I invariably leave that for the end! As a solo worker, it’s nice to connect and meet with other people in your industry. This is even more so when they respect you enough to photograph their own family.

Kay travelled down from the other side of Oxford to see me. For months we were happily going backwards and forwards on what she should wear for her family photo shoot. We settled on some complimentary colours and a dress she felt confident in. It worked beautifully with the purple and pink heathers.

Her family was adventurous enough to let me take her on a 15 minute trek into forest before we started shooting. We were rewarded by a stunning hill top of wild heathers. This was new photo shoot location for me in Bracknell and I’m so happy she trusted me enough to follow me.

A large majority of the photos ended up being shot during blue hour at the end, more so than any shoot I’ve done before. You can’t always plan what the sun is going to do and how long it’s going to take to get from a to b especially at new location like this.

We kept shooting as the desert style sun dipped under the horizon. The orange glow caused by Californian Wild Fires across the pond. It was certainly a different type of sunbeam to shoot in! It kind of glowed rather shone creating some really warm colours. This was the first of two sessions I shot in this light on the September weekend. I can’t wait to take some more adventurous families here next year.

Heather sunset sessions start at around 17:30pm to 630pm depending whether it is an August or September session and so great for a weekday option too. As with all my sessions advance booking is advisable.

26 September 2020

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Family & Newborn photographer, mum of 3, wife of  1, tea obsessed, eneagram 8

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