Older baby photo shoots are dreamy



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Older baby photoshoots are dreamy!

Whether you are inside or outside older baby photoshoots are dreamy! Invariably the parents are a little bit more in the swing of things and the baby is too. 

I met Edie and her parents Sophie and Rob for a late September session in the heather. It’s increasingly becoming my favorite time of the year to photograph. There is simply so much colour and texture.

When babies are a little older for photoshoots, you can really see their expressions and often eye contact and smiles! They’ve grown into their features a bit more and open to being entertained. Edie’s eyes absolutely captivated me and you can see how adoring her parents were throughout the gallery.

Sophie and Rob were an absolute pleasure to photograph. They didn’t even blink when i asked them to lay down in the heather flowers. Instead, they did what all great clients do and relaxed. They concentrated on their little family and left all the creative direction to me.

Newborn sessions have been traditionally thought of as something you have to tick off your list in the first 3 weeks. However, what a lot of new parents don’t realise is that this only applies to studio photography with fancy bucket props and froggy poses (yes that is an actual terminology for a studio-style baby pose!)

So what is lifestyle baby photography?

Lifestyle newborn and older baby photo shoots are adaptable to different ages. Lifestyle photography is on a middle ground between posed studio and a complete documentary approach.

In general, ‘ traditional posed studio photo shoots’ involve photographing babies mainly alone, in static and interesting poses often with a large variation of outfit and prop changes. At the other end of the scale, ‘documentary photography’ is completely candid and story-based.

With my particular style of lifestyle photography, I use shorter lenses so I can actually interact and connect with my clients. Any prompts and posing I use is play and feeling-based. 

This causes the gallery you see at the end (and like the beautiful one below!) to emote happiness and joy as the photographs already feel connected and honest. I also shoot with the view that your photographs are going to be displayed on a wall. It’s imperative to me that your photographs cause you to feel a memory when you see them hanging in your home.

If you think you have missed the boat for a newborn baby shoot, please don’t despair. Any age is fine with my style of photography and each age has its own benefits. 

Midweek connection sessions for one parent and baby are available indoors and outside throughout the year as well as family sessions for those with two parents plus one or more children.

I hope you enjoy the gallery below. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s too late to photograph your baby! Drop me a line and we can arrange to photograph them either in the comfort of your home or plan an outside older baby photoshoot


5 November 2021

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