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If i had to sum up this Autumn family photoshoot in a few words it would be delicate, loved up and contented. Charlotte and her family were really chilled out even after a long car drive from the cotswolds to see me, they were just pleased to be there together. As a Berkshire family photographer I don’t always have clients who live close by. In fact, over the years I’ve noticed more clients traveling to see me from further afield.

Choosing the best photographer for your family photographs is a very personal decision. You need to trust they are going to ‘get’ your family and that they’ll know how to create magic whatever the kids or the weather decide to do on the day.

Charlotte is someone who I knew from way back in the days of following Rock My Wedding, and more recently Recycle My Wedding. The later of which i wished was around when i got married. Want to know a a fun fact? My own wedding dress was second hand and i’d re-sold my wedding dress onto another lucky bride before we had even said “i do”

Charlotte is as delicate and chilled in person as you think she might be from her social media accounts. Effortlessly stylish and calm and the rest of her family were the same.

As family photoshoots go they were lovely to photograph. Everything we did flowed easily into the next. The sun set on them as they played and hugged on the hilltop and it was all rather dreamy!

This was a early Autumn session, mid October to be precise and we really did luck out on the colours this season. The heather flowers where hanging onto their blooms whilst the ferns where starting to burn orange already. The texture was stunning and they had layered up their outfits perfectly to compliment the surrounding Bracknell forest.

As a Berkshire family photographer I am very lucky to be in driving distance to many wonderful places. If you’d like to get in touch to arrange your own dreamy family photoshoot, I’d love to hear from you.




9 January 2022

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