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This was a total dream session with two gorgeous clients who had been referred to me by another favourite family client of mine. As a recommeded newborn photographer in Maidenhead, I often find myself popping to neighbouring counties such as west London, Surrey, and Buckinghamshire. Family and Newborn photography is more about who you connect with not who happens to live near you and is available.

As you can see from the gorgeous gallery below, this newborn photoshoot in Maidenhead was filled with heaps of tender moments and natural connections. It is always my aim to guide and encourage my clients to relax. I often find myself chatting away about regular baby and parenting topics. I have three children of my own and they are all very different. I also had three very different pregnancies and births, so i have a lot of experience as a mother myself. I really do feel this helps me connect with my clients. It also helps me predict behaviours and naturally notice things.

As much as i love a good natter, I also know when it’s time to pause and let the moments unravel. This balance is very important during a session. Adapting to your clients and their personalities to ensure you have a well rounded gallery full up of a variation of story telling scenes is key to being a great Newborn Photographer.

At the end of the day, all my newborn photography clients want is a full up gallery of heartfelt moments to treasure and reminisce over and to show off proudly to family and friends. They book their photoshoots with me because they want to feel a connection to the photographs they are investing in. Often they have been recommended by a friend or have got to know me on social media.

Another really important part of being great newborn photographer is trust. I’m repeatedly humbled how my clients allow me into their homes to witness such a precious time of their life. Even when they are often sleep deprived and feeling vulnerable, they give me space to create and trust me to hold their newborn baby. Yes sure, I use a camera very well, but being a photographer is much more than taking great photos. This sort of gallery doesn’t happen by chance or because people in the photos ‘know’ what they are doing. These photographs happen because clients trust me to use every ounce of my person to orchestrate their family symphony into a stunning joy filled set of photos.



As a Newborn Photographer in Maidenhead I cover a wide area of Berkshire, Surrey, London and Buckinghamshire.

12 January 2022

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Family & Newborn photographer, mum of 3, wife of  1, tea obsessed, eneagram 8

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