Family photoshoot outdoors in September Heathers



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This family photoshoot outdoors in September was an absolute dream. There is a certain closeness I feel to this family. Over the years I’ve photographed countless sessions for them, sometimes twice a year! Amy (mum) certainly values the memories and I am honoured to be their family photographer of choice.

With a hop, skip and jump from my own home (aka less than 5 minute walk) we found ourselves at this dreamy forest photoshoot location. Quinn (the youngest) kept me on my toes but totally made up for it with a lot of  personality and cheekiness. Her two older siblings were as fun as ever, whilst Amy and Andy simply went with the flow of things. They trust that I’ll make them some magic no matter what the elements or the children present with.

During all of my family photoshoots I always have in the back of my mind:

  1. Would they put this on the wall at home
  2. Does it show, personality, connection, emotion
  3. Do the colours and light look amazing.

I really do believe that your family photographs should be living on your wall at home and celebrated for all to see. It’s especially great for the children to have a daily visual collection of happy and connected family photographs to gaze upon.

This particular session was booked the year prior by Amy and a wall space was reserved at her home to display the photographs. We are currently working on a bespoke wall montage together, I’m virtually sending over ‘mock-ups’ of what the photographs will look like in her actual home!  I love this part of my service, it helps so many families ensure that the family photographs they’ve invested in actually make it up onto the walls in their home.

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10 September 2022

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