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Do you fancy a Spring Family Photoshoot? There is certainly something about Spring that makes everyone just feel good right? The weather is warming up the trees look a little less bare and the evening sunset gets a little later.

During April and May we are spoilt with an abundance of blooms in Bracknell Forest. Having grown up in the area and provided Spring Family photoshoots here for over a decade, I know all the best places. The exact locations change every couple of years, as houses have been built or brambles have taken over,  however one thing is certain, Blossom, Bluebells and Rhododendrons WILL bloom during April and May.

So which one will you choose?

Let’s look at the pro’s and cons of all of these beautiful blooms and how this affects how we schedule your session time and date.


Blossom photoshoots in Bracknell

family blossom photoshoot

When: Mid to late April.

They are gorgeous to shoot in during cloudy or bright days. The location I use has a wild grass field option which provides more variation for your gallery. The location is very accessible, close to the car and easy to walk to and around.

Blossom photoshoots are hard to guarantee. Unlike other flowers all it takes is a day or so of rain and wind for the trees to be wiped of their blooms. Also the winter months frosts can affect how early or late they bloom by a couple of week sometimes.

Best for?
Older (smiling) babes in arms through to teenagers, and maternity sessions

Book onto one during mid April. I’ll keep you in the loop regarding the bloom times and handle the weather watching for you. As long as you are flexible for change and happy with a ‘back up bloom’ should mother nature be in a mood… blossoms are a gorgeous option for a spring family photoshoot. See the photos below from cloudy and sunny parts of the session and the variety the adjacent field provides.



Bluebell photoshoots in Bracknell


When: Late April, Early May

Bluebells have a certain magic too them. Maybe it’s because their bloom window is so short and they don’t grow in common places like other spring  flowers. Or maybe its because they are so quintessentially English and we have over 50% of the worlds population on our shores! Read more about the Bluebell variations on the Woodland Trust website if like me you love to geek out. The Bluebell bloom period is rather reliable, usually from around the 20th April to about the 10th May every year, give or take a few days.

Bluebells are not easy to find in abundance and unspoilt in the wild. Any fields of bluebells you see in the press and on socials are often on private land or national trust grounds where they are kept clear from invasive brambles, human feet and maintained in general. Wild Bluebells (not kept or private ones) are possible to find if you know an area well and do the leg work every season to check the best spots, this is something I do every year. Often there is a 5 – 10 minute walk involved  to locate the best spots. The are in general not buggy accessible.

The delicacy of Bluebells limits foot movement during your session and so we tend to stick to the paths and bare ground patches. Children have to be able to listen and not be too exuberant with running through them and possibly flattening them. If you have energetic kids that love a run about a lot  another bloom/season may suit your family better. (If you love pinks and purples then I recommend a wild heather session instead)

Light can make or break a good bluebell session and so it’s important to shoot at the correct time and in the correct conditions. I tend to leave a third of my available dates clear incase I have to reschedule for dark or wet weather. I want the best for your session and so I make sure I have flexibility to ensure so.

Best for?
Maternity sessions, Newborns and children who can either be picked up or listen well and respect the area around them. Not great for extended family shoots, energetic kids.

Options… Book into a date at the end of April and I’ll let you know nearer the time where the best Bluebell spots in Bracknell are for our photoshoot.



Rhododendron photoshoots in Bracknell

When: Late May, sometimes into the  1st week of June

Rhododendrons bloom everywhere in the Bracknell Forest. The location I use is buggy accessible and has easy access from the car park. This makes it great for grandparents to be involved and for older babies upwards. The slower pace can suit certain families who have quieter children or older babies or teens. Unlike blossoms, Rhodondendrons are the ‘hard nuts’ of flowers and can withstand bad weather and rain storms intact. Their bloom window is quite long and reliable. It lasts from around the 20th May to the first few days of June. The amount of colour on show is amazing in during these photoshoots! If you love a colourful floral show then these are for you.

They are notoriously hard to shoot in if you don’t know what you are doing, thankfully I do! Outfit selections are more limited for these types of sessions so they don’t ‘compete with the flowers’ (You’ll have full support from me ensuring your outfits work for the location)

The pace of the session is slower which whilst good for some families, for those with small toddlers who prefer only running around at floor level and who ‘don’t’ like being picked up lots, these won’t be ideal.

Best for?
Maternity, Teens, Older babies, Calmer toddlers, Extended family shoots,

Options… Book into a date at the end of May and we can start planning your outfits



Fancy a Spring family photoshoot?

Simply let me know which particular bloom you’d prefer and I’ll see what availability I have. Blossoms bloom times are harder to gauge until a few days prior, whilst Bluebells and Rhododendrons are a little more reliable. The best solution is to book in based on previous years dates and be flexible to what Mother Nature delivers us.


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