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Carla had me rolling with laughter from the first reel that I saw of her on instagram, way back in 2021. As a comedian and actress she is absolutely hilarious and manages to encapsulate what every other mother is thinking with tact and humour. Super relatable? That’s Carla Freeman for you.

She’s definitely *my type of person* and we’ve chatted on and off for a few years, so when I learnt that she was expecting her second child, it was only natural for me to suggest we get together for a baby photoshoot at home.

As I thought would happen, we got on like old friends and it’s evident from the photos how relaxed she was.

All I asked from Carla was to:

  1. Not look at my camera unless I asked.
  2. Love bomb her children
  3. Remember that her other half Griff needed interacting with aswell.

The rest of the photoshoot, I basically helped orchestrate small, age appropriate games for the kids and put them in the best light I could find in their London home.

Everything felt really heartwarming, relaxed and fun. If this looks like to sort of baby photography in home that you would love for your own family. Do get in touch, i’d love to chat.

27 June 2024

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Family & Newborn photographer, mum of 3, wife of  1, tea obsessed, eneagram 8

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