DON’T strike a pose and getting recognised by VOGUE



Family and newborn photographer, mum of three, wife of one and tea obsessed eneagram eight.



Vogue Italia have given me a stamp of approval to host the beginning of a portfolio of images on their page.
VOGUE ITALIA have given me a stamp of approval to host the beginning of a portfolio of images on their page.

Yes I said it twice as I’ve been having a pinch me moment ever since. Not only have I been honoured to accept a people’s choice award this year as Berkshire’s Best Photographer from the very cool Muddy Stiletto small business awards, bloody Vogue think I’m alright too?

And my clients? Because lets face it these guys are my everything, apparently they’re pretty happy too…


“Each shoot is so enjoyable and we just laugh the whole time, and let’s be honest anyone who demonstrates her poo face and lurks around in bushes picking berries with a moody 1 year old just to get the perfect pictures is worth their weight In gold” Amy F

“I loved how comfortable and good you made feel with my beautiful new family just a few days after giving birth, I felt like I had known you for years”  Katy A

“After quite literally ‘years’ of procrastination we finally had a mother and daughter Bluebell photoshoot earlier this year. I was so self conscious about my weight but you made me feel at ease and J loved the yellow wellies! ” Catherine A

You walked into our home as a stranger and left as a friend. With our darling special newborn girl she never peeped once, with our shy little boy you won him over… with kindness, patience and hilarious silliness … and you made my husband and I feel at ease and enjoy the family love bubble” Amy N


Amazing right? 2018 you are not even finished yet and you’ve smashed all expectations I had. Time to set some bigger goals and continue to climb trees, pretend i’m a lion eating sock monster and make people relax. I flipping love my job inside out,  I basically get to show people how wonderful they are everyday.



17 October 2018

Hi, I'm Lisa

Family & Newborn photographer, mum of 3, wife of  1, tea obsessed, eneagram 8

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