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This February half term we visited The Sculpture Park in Farnham, Surrey. It was little over a half hour drive from Bracknell and was a nice alternative to the usual National Trust locations that we frequent over the school Holidays. Firstly may I say that I can’t believe it has taken me this long to realise this place existed, it’s awesome!

We spent 3 hours exploring the winding paths, trio of lakes, streams and bridges. The sculptures (over  800 of them) were everywhere and so incredibly varied. It’s no exaggeration to say the children were buzzing with excitement at every turn and I had to ask them to stop shouting “Mummy look, look” before I went crazy. We stopped for a snack halfway around at one of the picnic spots and tried our best to figure out where we were.

When you arrive and pay your admission ( £10 adult, £5 children over 4) They provide you with a map and list of all the sculptures and information on them. We didn’t personally follow the suggested routes, instead, we opted to let the children’s imaginations lead us.

I think we managed to cover about 70% of the park (haphazardly!)  the remaining 30% was inaccessible for my nieces large buggy. So if you are intending on going I’d recommend a sling or having at least two adults to lift the buggy when required as it’s hilly with steps.

Between ensuring my 3 children were not falling into lakes, ruining sculptures and tumbling down steps, I managed to capture a tiny handful of the sculptures on this cloudy February day. I’ll definitely be going again and I’m sure I will see a few hundred sculptures that I missed this time around.

Things to note:

  • It’s muddy and hilly with lots of uneven paths and open water.
  • There is a hotel/bar opposite (Bel & Dragon) we popped in for tea afterwards and you can also park there.
  • I’ll be going again!


21 February 2019

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