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Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved poetry. My Grandad and great Grandad were both excellent and published poets, nothing huge, but enough to have an impact on me at a young age. I often find myself writing in rhyme when I want to communicate my feelings or celebrate my thoughts on a particular subject. It comes naturally to me, I enjoy the challenge and playing with the words. Put me in front of a crossword or sudoku puzzle however and I’ll basically freeze. But the challenge of putting words together in a fun and entertaining way to express myself? It’s almost a need.

Over the past year and with a requirement to post regular content on social media I’ve re-discovered my love of writing and in particular poetry. World smile day, International Womens and World Mental Health day day are a few of the ways in which I was able to ‘put pen to paper’ they really don’t take me long at all and often start off as and idea in the car and then I’m itching to get behind my MAC to type out.

I fully intend on weaving more of this into my day to day, I love it so much and there is nothing better than doing things that you enjoy as often as possible.

I don’t ask for smiles

In celebration of world smile day

I don’t ask for smiles they come when they come.
I don’t say cheese I’d rather you looked at your mum.
I don’t want your school snap smile with those vacant eyes, or for you to fake it and wear a disguise.

It’s hard not to smile in front of a clown when they’re laying an egg or rolling around.
It’s easy to be happy when your screaming at trees, talking about poo, or bees or leaves.

Your sparkle just appears when I’m being a prat, taking the mick out of mum or balancing socks on my hat.

I see you standing there and I crave your emotion so we’ll chat and play until I get the notion, to capture that smile for ever and a day.
So everyone can remember what it felt like to play, with a little version of you because you’ll grow so fast, your jaw will tighten and this moment won’t last.

This smile will change, it will morph to show what life you’ve lead and what adventures you know.
Right now however, your smile is you, right in this moment strong and new. I know what it looks like and so does mum and when I know I’ve capture it my job is done. (Until next time little one)


What would I say to my teenage me?

Composed for International women day in collaboration with Girl Tribe Gang and The girls network

What would I say to my teenage me? If I could sit down with her for a cup of tea?
Would I even want her to change her ways? Isn’t she the reason I am who I am today?
She is the reason I can stand here now and look like I’ve got it all figured out.
She took the flack, the whispers and spit and somehow still managed to get on with it.
So I’d tell her thank you for sitting on that bus everyday, even though she felt worlds away – from the ‘other girls’
One thing I would do is give her a cuddle and tell her it’s ok she’s feels in a muddle.
Tell her that one day life’s going to click into place and that her talent to see beauty will be her saving grace.
She’ll have everything she never even knew she needed, and one day she’ll feel like she’s finally succeeded – at something.
So to my Little Miss Trying to fit in, Miss Runaway to Scotland on a whim, Miss Over plucked eyebrows, Miss Sun in hair…
Make sure you take enough time to care – about your mum.
Your mother is going to end up being your very best friend and your smart ass sisters will inspire you to no end.
That boy that came up to your shoulders at school? .
Well it turns out he grows up pretty cool and you marry him. And your still your Daddy’s girl.
But don’t change your path please don’t alter one bit because each relationship you have you’ll learn about the shit you’re not meant to take.
Every decision you’ve made has resulted in me, and wouldn’t change anything no siree!
So what is my advice to my teenage self? Should I of lectured about education, money and health?
Should I have said, do this or that? Or is it best to say life is a great balancing act? – and you’re winning.


Your darker side

Composed for myself, during the darkest depths of February. 

Life is not all about roses and pink fluffy tops it’s about stopping to pause and being thankful for what you’ve got.
Without darkness there is no light… (I’ve started on the quotes) But! hang on in there whilst I write you my notes.
I want to say it’s ok to show your darker side, to be a little more vulnerable and not just hide.
Because you’re doing no one any favours especially yourself, if you only show the highlights and keep the rest on the shelf.
I don’t live in a tutu although I would love to try.
My children are not perfect and they often make my cry.
So talk to SOMEONE whether it’s in this world or the other. At the end of the day we are all just trying to Mother.

27 February 2019

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Family & Newborn photographer, mum of 3, wife of  1, tea obsessed, eneagram 8

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