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If I could give you and analogy for my admiration and fascination with Twig and Olive photography  it would be that of a teenager having a private concert with ‘one direction’ or an accomplished chef having Gordon Ramsey pesonally cook for them. Twig and Olive are mega stars to me in the photography world. American based, they spend their days’ educating and photographing people all over the world – all the time. I booked them 6 months in advance for the 3 days they were in the UK and boy I am so glad I did.

Being on the otherside of the lens initially felt strange, however I had pepped talked myself into relaxing before hand. I followed all the advice I give my own clients and treated it as a special occasion.

We had to be in Oxford, an hour or so away, for 630pm. So I did what any savvy mama (crazy fan girl photographer lady) would do and embarked on altering my childrens bed time two weeks prior. Little by little it worked and they were soon coping better with being awake at what was normal bedtime for the youngest two. (we then reversed it after – that’s how much i wanted it to go well!)

The next hurdle was making sure they didn’t fall asleep in the car… Now I didn’t fancy driving and then sitting at a full on restaurant prior to our family photoshoot and I wanted to avoid boredom and melt downs at all costs. So thankfully Ronald MacDonald stepped in and cooked the children up a delectable meal of nuggets 45 minutes prior to our session. Winning.

Planned to precision and with a quick change of clothes in the car park for the kids. We were soon on our way to the nearby location.

Having learnt a lot of my craft already from T&O I knew we’d be going of the beaten track and I after I had managed to mask my excitement on arrival into cool, calm and collected Lisa. We hop skipped and jumped over a bridge and down the side of a random field in Oxford.

The results are below. It goes without saying that I am having kittens about doing in person training with them this year in Cambridge.





27 March 2019

Hi, I'm Lisa

Family & Newborn photographer, mum of 3, wife of  1, tea obsessed, eneagram 8

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