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One of the unexpected joys that have come from my career as a photographer is relationships. I don’t believe you can do my job properly and not form some sort of emotional attachment to the families you create lasting memories for.  One of the reasons my business is called ‘and then she clicked’ (there are a few reasons!)  is because it’s important that I click with the people I photograph.

A little part of me laces into the photographs I create. Part of my skill is to observe and understand the feelings and dynamics I witness and connect this into the photographs to portray my clients story.

When you connect with clients and have been through similar experiences to them (being a parent for start!), and when you have similar values and style everything happens so easily on a session.

Zoe and Kane have been customers with me since they first became parents. They are a part of the original set of clients I have in the maidenhead area. Both young professionals with a great eye for style and interiors, they are a relaxed easy going couple. They both really appreciate how important recording and printing their memories are and put immense value into much these heirlooms create a base of confidence for their children. Their walls are covered in photographs and Its an honour to be their chosen family photographer year after year.

Zoe, Kane…. thank you for letting me watch your family blossom.

*scroll to the bottom for the video you won’t wish to miss it*



13 May 2020

Hi, I'm Lisa

Family & Newborn photographer, mum of 3, wife of  1, tea obsessed, eneagram 8

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