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Newborn Photo shoot in the Forest



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Laura is an interior decorator she has an amazing eye for tones and detail and I adore her sense of style. When she asked me to photograph her growing family for an outdoor newborn photo shoot I was very excited.

To successfully photograph an energetic toddler outside with a newborn baby takes a lot of thinking on your feet. Poppy was very much centre of the families world before baby Raplh came along and was still really really young herself. Each shot we managed had to be planned like a game. This is what I find works best with most young children on photo shoots, we play!

These sort of lifestyle photographs don’t often happen by chance with this age group, so it’s key for me to observe their behaviour and also the family dynamic. It helps that I’m super patient, spontaneous and quick on my feet with young families. Over the years I’ve been photographing them, no two children have been the same so i have a lot of experience up my sleeve.

Poppy was delightful to photograph and insisted on calling me ‘Lady’ throughout our photo shoot something which i did not correct. She was utterly adorable, with big chocolate button eyes and rosy cheeks and I’d love to photograph them all again soon.

This newborn photo shoot took place outside, late summer in the Bracknell Forest. Outdoor newborn photo shoots are a great option if we are having a spell of good weather and can really suit older babies too.

24 September 2020

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Family & Newborn photographer, mum of 3, wife of  1, tea obsessed, eneagram 8

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