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A family photo shoot in the heathers



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I genuinely had so much fun during this family photo shoot in the heathers this past summer. The children themselves absolutely let rip with the games we played in the forest heather and at the same time, we managed to get those gorgeous connection shots too. If there was ever a session where everything lined up perfectly this is definitely one of them. The joy during this family photoshoot is undeniably infectious. You really can’t fake fun. You can’t fake real hugs and connections either.

My heart was literally swelling as I photographed the mum with her eldest boy. At nearly shoulder height I knew exactly how she felt and how much having this family photoshoot meant to her. They grow so fast and let go so quickly. (Oh! i’m sobbing now! I think I need to go hug my own kids a bit tighter!)

I adore shooting in the heathers, there is so much colour and freedom and a lot less bugs or need to be careful compared with other flowers. Whilst the New forest in Hampshire normally has the best displays, Bracknell forest has just the right amount available and i have spent years finding the best patches for family photo shoots. The bloom season for Heather is relatively long usually the early August through to mid September. This year they seemed to bloom for a shorter period but a lot more vibrantly. After you’ve had a gander at the gorgeous family photographs below have a look here at my other family photo shoots in the heathers

Family photo shoot in the heathers…  the round up!

  • Start time:  630pm-8pm sunset
  • Shoot location: Bracknell Forest, Berkshire
  • Shoot styling: Yup! We went through a whats-app flurry of messages and I recall saying… “wear that dress, I love it!” even though mum thought i’d hate it. Lepard print CAN work if its the correct print, colour and tones and paired with neutral outfits from everyone else. It kind of added to to the ‘wild’ too!
  • Childrens ages: five & nine



4 March 2021

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Family & Newborn photographer, mum of 3, wife of  1, tea obsessed, eneagram 8

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