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2020 was definitely the year where having your baby in a photo shoot outside became a common occurrence. It is often that when we are stretched to try new things, magic happens and this was certainly the case here. Having a baby in a photo shoot outside instead of a studio gives you a real life memory and context to your family photographs.

As a mother myself, I instinctively know how to read baby cues and as a very experienced outside family photographer, I can read a sky as easy as my  my ABC’s! The weather shouldnt put people off! If you put yourself into the right hands (hi!) photographing tiny humans outside really is very possible!




This session in particular was entirely moody and overcast. The windy weather and heavy cloud coverage amplified the drama and colours around us and acted like a natural softbox in the sky.

The styling was perfectly planned to compliment the surroundings and the family. Little details like mums plait in her hair, all the little ruffles, textures and colours. These finer details are what makes a session like this extra-ordinary.

I already knew which parts of the forest would provide shelter from the wind and the best ligt for the individual portrait shots. It is all part of the preparation. As you can see, this little man was entirely happy and cosy laying among the flowers in a bed of heather.

Family photographer

Baby Photo Shoot Outside – the round up…

Styling: H&M and Hope and Ivy
Location: Bracknell Forest
Month: Late August
Timing: 6:30pm
Length of session: 1 hr
Weather: 19 degrees wind and cloud

I absolutely adored this family photo shoot. It really goes to show you dont need to have a 10 day old baby wrapped up in a studio to create beautiful meanngful memories full of personality.

For more heather sessions with older children click here and if you’d love to see yourself in photographs just like this, drop me a message and we can have a natter about it.

12 March 2021

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