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As far as describing what a late Autumn family photoshoot looks like with me, this is a stellar one. Rose and family usually visit me once a year for their family photographs and I am so grateful for their repeat business. I provide assistance to all my clients with styling and arranging outfits, however it always helps when my clients are passionate about the colours and textures of their clothes.

Apart from the light and the love, the styling is a huge part of why this Autumn family photoshoot looks and feels so warm and connected.

Let me explain how:

  1. There are a mix of material textures.
  2. The pattern in Mums dress is acting as base for everyone elses outfit.
  3. They have visible layers on.
  4. They are all on the same tonal colour range.
  5. The colours compliment the surroundings. They are not so dark that they blend in, yet not so bright or stark that they compete with smiles or the nature around them.
  6. The clothes have just the right balance of pattern to be stylish and not attention grabbing – we want to see emotions first not clothes.
  7. They’ve remembered to style their footwear.
  8. They’ve worn enough layers to keep warm and not have to resort to coats.

All of the above styling considerations are something I help you plan prior to your session. I find it really easy and enjoyable to do this and it comes second nature to me.

Looking like this is a photoshoot is entirely do-able and achievable. I photograph everyday families all year around and will help you expertly pull together clothes that go together well. All from your current wardrobes, so you still feel like you. I also identify any outfit ‘gaps’ and will suggest some options to purchase online – all at shops you usually buy from.

The prep guide helps you get started with styling and then I’m there for as much or a little as is needed styling wise.

All to ensure you are the most stylish and comfortable versions of yourselves on the day of your family photoshoot and to help compliment the location, season and weather conditions.

See more of this natural family photoshoot outside near Bracknell below.


For more information on booking a session with me pop to my contact page and i’ll get right back to you.

10 October 2022

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Family & Newborn photographer, mum of 3, wife of  1, tea obsessed, eneagram 8

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