Family photoshoot at home and outside



Family and newborn photographer, mum of three, wife of one and tea obsessed eneagram eight.



A family photoshoot at home? Yes it’s totally ok to snuggle up with your bigger kids, squeeze into the window seat while you still can, stand on the kitchen side and have full on pillow fights.

Did you know I offer split sessions? This means that we start indoors at your home and then I help identify a decent area outside and we head on out – usually around sunset.

These split Family chapter sessions provide the best of both worlds and give amazing storytelling opportunities and variety. This photoshoot in particular was very close to my heart. I have photographed Lisa before and have got to know her family. As a fellow photographer she is heavily invested in creating memories that mean something to her and so what better place to record them than at her actual home and the surrounding village fields?

Lisa lives in a stunning cottage, I think she told me her floors were 300 years old! (So cool)  These photographs celebrated not only their connection as a family but also a new chapter in their new home. When we reminisce over photographs, there is always a context. This home will be theirs and these photographs will bring SO many memories to them as the years progress.

It’s true, I was in a cookie cutter village, at a sweet little cottage and I had my pick of what ever room I pleased. However, strip that all back and what is really important here is how utterly in love this lot are, thats what matters more than anything.

Lisa it was an absolute pleasure to have you in front of my lens. Thank you.


Fancy a family photoshoot at home and outside? Or maybe just one or the other Pop me a message here and let me know more.

10 October 2022

Hi, I'm Lisa

Family & Newborn photographer, mum of 3, wife of  1, tea obsessed, eneagram 8

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