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Here are just a handful photographs from this playful newborn photoshoot at home. Having already photographed this little mans big sister when she was tiny, It was an absolute pleasure to return to photograph her while she  twirls circles around her new baby brother.

As you can see from the playful newborn photoshoot images,  this was very much a family newborn session with a focus on who they are as a family right now and how it feels in this moment. Sure, we captured some stunning portraits of the little man alone, however as a mama of three i know it’s not ever all about just one of them, especially when they are in the same room.

We put music on. Danced. Jumped. Played. Stroked. Snuggled. Everything you find yourself doing when you are keeping two little ones happy at once. There was no stiff posing. No unfamiliar backgrounds. Just pure and simple family time ramped up the max.

Every newborn family session i do is so different. Especially those with older siblings involved. It’s important for me to concentrate on the older one first, understand where they are at with the new status quo and then i adapt accordingly. Usually this means me playing with them quietly on arrival or chasing them around the house as we explore. Whatever their temperament and age we move through the session at a pace that suits everyone involved.


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10 October 2022

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Family & Newborn photographer, mum of 3, wife of  1, tea obsessed, eneagram 8

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