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This River Thames photoshoot was my 5th time shooting here. I know the lay of the land (or should I say water). I know where the light falls and which trees have their roots weaving through the shallows. It’s a dream location, really unusual and fun! 2022 was a hot summer. I was so chuffed when one of my previous clients (and students) Josie calmly said “ Sure I’ll have a River Thames session. Can we make it family maternity photoshoot?”

Clearly I agreed and soon we were chatting colours and outfits. (*Note* they have to have minimal pattern and be tonal to vibe with the water.)



Let’s get one thing straight , this part of the River Thames nestled between Marlow and Caversham is safe and clear. It’s regularly used for paddle boarders, and water activities and is so shallow you can see straight through to the bottom. My own kids love paddling and swimming here and so as you can imagine it’s perfect for client sessions to.


Booking a River Thames Photoshoot

This isn’t an exact science. By this I mean we can’t comfortably shoot here all year around, but it IS possible. Let me explain.

Having shot here for two years, I can say with confidence that there needs to of been a few good days of the temperature being over 25 degrees. Thankfully there are usually at least two weeks worth of this temperature every year. Usually at some point in June or July but as you can imagine this is not usually a forecastable occurrence. Here in the UK we can only understand what the temperature is going to be about a week prior and it can vary wildly from season to season and year to year.

So how do I manage to get clients to book in?

Well, any of my clients (new or old) that I think would love it or have expressed an interest, we book them in for sometime in June or July for a summer meadow session.  We get two lots of outfits planned and if the  weather is hot enough we go for it!

Obviously there are some key things you have to consider for a River Thames Photoshoot, including things like, whether your family are comfortable with going in the water with your clothes on. For everything else, such as the logistics and planning from clothes, to towels, to snacks and parking, I’ve got that all sorted for you. You’ll be fully prepped for your session with me and just need to bring your positive attitude and adventurous souls.


Wanna come and get wet with me? I shoot around 3 to 6 River Thames Photoshoots a year so drop me a message!  We’ll book you in for a June or July Outdoor Photoshoot and pencil you in for a River Thames photoshoot – if it’s hot enough.

Chat soon.

21 October 2022

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