Outdoor and at home family photoshoot with grandparents



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This outdoor and at home family photoshoot with grandparents was so heart warming. I love getting to spend time with a family and really understand their lifestyle.

We started off in the main bedroom playing games with the kids jumping all over the bed, followed by exploring the childrens bedrooms. I really got to understand their personalities and this helped when we headed outside.

Before we adventured for the outside part of the shoot, we photographed them with their grandmother. She didnt want too much of a fuss and so i incorporated some candid documentary style shots with her watching on in the background and then included some more traditional portraits outside in front of the house.

As you can see the family had their own land and horses, so we explored the fields nearby and i found the best spot where the light was just perfect.

I absolutely adored the relaxed nature of this session and getting to really understand their lifestyle.

I often travel to homes where the grandparents are there for some of the photographs and shoot both indoor and out. Have a look at the extended family information on here if you’d love a family photoshoot like this of your family.

16 November 2023

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Family & Newborn photographer, mum of 3, wife of  1, tea obsessed, eneagram 8

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