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Family Photoshoot Outside


Please have a detailed look around to make sure we really click. You see as one of the uk’s leading outdoor family photographers I photograph a lot of amazing families, and they all have few things in common...

They love hard, live for the little moments & appreciate nostalgia, soul & style.

I want to make sure we are going to connect because this is not your average family photo shoot, and it’s probably going to get a bit wild at times.

"I never knew how great it could be working with a content creator who GETS it. Nora really gets it.

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- monique, model


This is going to be:

Your real life family love story through my creative eyes.
Your heart in a frame and a soul soaked legacy you’ll give to your children.
It’s irreplaceable, unique to your family and the closest you’ll come to pressing pause on life.



Document your family in a real life location.


Let yourself relax and celebrate the little moments as well as the big epic ones.


Create some core memories that have context and meaning.


Love your family fiercly in front me.

I'm the photographer for you.

real Life Families

"I love them!!! I dont hate myself in any of them"

Oscar keeps asking "where's Lisa in the pictures?" Your'e officially part of the family.

- Carmelle Textor


"Lisa has an incredible way of putting parents at ease during her sessions and has such patience with children.

We’ve definitely tested that asking her to photograph 3 under 3. The photos she has captured of our family are some of my most valued possessions. Her photos are authentic, beautiful and never fail to make me smile.  For as long as my children enjoy the sessions (which really are fun), we will continue to book an annual shoot with Lisa!

- adele behles


Your outdoor family photoshoot

+ Authentic smiles

+ The best locations

+ A very experienced family photographer 

+ PLay & conversational based direction

+ A varied and expertly edited gallery

+ Adventure and connection

+ A mother of 3 who understands

+ Stylish, creative storytelling images

Exactly what you need?

Lets start our adventure 

What you can be sure about when you hire me for

Let's go on an adventure…

Fill our hearts and soak our roots. Allow natures magic splendor to muddy up our boots.

With the fields outstretched before us, the sun dipped low in trees, we’ll play in golden shadows, throw our worries to the breeze.

Like a maestro masterfully orchestrates instruments into one, I’ll compose your family symphony underneath the setting sun.

Come play with me a while, bring every perfect imperfection.

Bring your wild and your love, lets press pause on those connections.

How it all flows

As soon as you've decided who's coming along and which season we are shooting , we'll get you booked in.

There's an abundance of stunning natural photoshoot locations around the Bracknell Forest area. It's easy to see why most of my clients choose to visit me here. (although I do travel on request)

Then with help from the detailed preparation guide and my expert styling assistance, we’ll plan your outfits together and ensure you all feel the most comfortable and stylish version of yourself on the day of your shoot.

You'll arrive at your outdoor photoshoot feeling relaxed, knowing i've arranged the parking directions and scouted the perfect spots for you.

All you need to do is bring your happy, switch off and focus on your family.

Think of me as your weather girl, your mood creator, your stylist, photographer & best friend all rolled into one.

What happens during YOur Outdoor family photoshoot?

Natural Light Direction

I'll adapt my shooting patterns and methods to work with your family dynamic, the location and the light. Whether it's a sassy teen or a wide eyed baby you're in safe hands.  I know exactly how to nurture natural emotions to create heartfelt photos.


Lets unwind. This is'nt about sitting on perfectly cut grass or park benches. We'll explore off the beaten track where the grass is textured, the flowers are layered and the light is pretty. Nature's backdrop is amazing.


It really is simple. Show up wholeheartedly, enjoy the time you’ve invested in and love bomb your children. Then trust me to work my magic and give you all the gritty joyful pictures you can handle.

I’m obsessed with creating epic wall worthy pieces of landscape portraiture, the tiny heartfelt detailed of family connections and poignant pictures. It’s my job to illuminate the joy you have in your family.

Every angle I shoot, river I tred in and forest I explore is based around creating unforgetable family photos for you.

Lets click

Are you ready for this...

And start planning the family photoshoot you've always dreamed of. 

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