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Family Photoshoot
at home

Come and look at the details that are going to help tell your family story. Immerse yourself in the featured galleries, read the family photoshoot reviews and imagine yourself in the pictures.

These portraits are going to matter decades from now.

They’ll keep you going when you glance at them on your walls & become part of the emotional  base your children have that subconsciously whispers 

 “I’m here, this is my family, I mattered"

real Life Families

"The photos she has captured of our family are some of my most valued possessions. "

This is the 4th time she has photographed us. Her photos are authentic, beautiful and never fail to make me smile. Lisa has an incredible way of putting parents at ease during her sessions and has such patience with children (we’ve definitely tested that asking her to photograph 3 under 3)

- Adehle


"I adore them. And adore Lisa for photographing us in this way.

I feel so lucky to of found her and children (and us) had so much fun. The photographs are everything I dreamed of an more and they cover our entire home. 

- Lisa Jordan




Document your family where it matters most


Let yourself relax and represent the little connections and big laughs.


Create some core memories that have context and meaning.


Love your family fiercly in front me.

I'm the photographer for you.

We're going to create  some...

wall worthy, memory inducing photos for you so you can remember how this all really felt over and over again.

I'm a photographer who can...

notice like a mother, create like artist and emote like a writer…

Finding the beauty in the chaos is my superpower.  I love nothing more than figuring out family dynamics, reflecting love through my lens and taking time to create real art out of your family moments.

Every chapter counts

Gone are the days when you needed a newborn to have an excuse for a Family photoshoot at home. 

I love them so much and 

i felt like i'd know her for years

- Katie D

How to

Having a family photoshoot at home is easy. You simply need to decide when and enquire with me about availability.

Then with help from the detailed pre-session preparation guide and my expert styling assistance, I’ll seamlessly walk you through the planning and styling process so you are perfectly relaxed and excited on the day of your session.

One of the best parts? All we need is some good window light. Huge or perfectly decorated homes are not a must. I photograph families in sprawling mansions and one bedroom flats. The part that makes it work is the love, the light (and a little bit of the styling)

Lisa - these photos are absolutely mindblowing

Thank YOU so MUCH

- Gareth Slaughter

What happens during YOur  family photoshoot at home?

Explore & Style

They'll be some light direction and play based prompts for everyone. This will help nurture natural emotions and create authentic heartfelt photos. Most importantly it will feel relaxed and real. I'll adapt my shoot flow to reflect who is being photographed and the family dynamic.

Connection & Conversations

I'll find the best places to shoot in your home based on the light and little people. Sometimes all the action can happen in with one window or we might hop from room to room. Wherever we are, the angles and the styling will be all figured out for you.


I consider it an honour to be invited into your family home. All I ask of you is to enjoy the time you’ve invested in. Relax and love bomb your children. Then trust me to work my magic and give you all the gritty joyful pictures you can handle.

Grandparents, big kids, little kids, babies

Family photoshoots at home are flexible

You might even opt' for an extended family session or hold the photoshoot at the grandparents house.

Split sessions with some outdoors and inside are also possible. These may take a little more planning, but are totally worth it if you want the best of both worlds.

What you can be sure about when you hire me for your

family photoshoot
at home:

+ Authentic smiles

+ An expert light and space seeker

+ A very experienced family photographer 

+ PLay & conversational based direction

+ A varied and expertly edited gallery

+ connection, calm and organised chaos

+ A mother of 3 who understands

+ Stylish, creative storytelling images

Exactly what you need?

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I've never seen my family in this way, i'm blushing, you are so talented 

They're Breathtaking.

Tara Cowin

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Every chapter counts

And start planning the family photoshoot you've always dreamed of. 

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